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Acoustic Installation

Floorscan Acoustics are nationwide acoustic specialists

Floorscan Acoustics are specialist soundproofing contractors and install acoustic ceilings, floors and walls nationwide. Whether you have a domestic noise problem, a recording studio to build or even a rehearsal room for musicians, Floorscan can specify and install the entireinsulation system.

We provide soundprofing for many sectors, both domestic and commercial, so be sure to check out our fantastic case studies section to give you a greater idea about what involved in your project.

Our team is conveniently located in Liverpool and London, allowing us to provide a speedy response to both the north and south of the UK.

For more information about sound reduction or sound testing, call us on 01928 571 108 and speak to a Floorscan acoustic installer.

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Check out some demonstration videos of some of our high performance products which can be used for domestic soundproofing in the home, recording studios, in schools or any other noise problem you may have.

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Case Studies

Samsung Audio Testing Suite

Earlier this year we were contacted by Samsung Electronics QA Lab based in Hampshire. With the success of its electronics […]

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TNQ Restaurant and Bar, The Northern Quarter, Manchester

What was the Challenge? It is common for restaurants to be noisy reverberant spaces. Many are large volume rooms, with […]

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