What are soundproofing kits?

A soundproofing kit is a comprehensive package of materials and components designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings. These kits are especially valuable for improving acoustic comfort in homes, offices, or other spaces where noise disturbances can be a significant issue.

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to major construction projects, soundproofing kits offer a cost-effective and DIY-friendly solution to noise issues.
  • Part E Building Regulations: Pre-tested acoustic solutions that have been proven to exceed UK building Regulations, test data available upon request.

Floorscan Acoustics only supply market-leading brands that are proven to sound insulate your project.

Floor Soundproofing Kit one

Floor Soundproofing Kits

Finding the best sound insulation products for your floor can be difficult depending on the type of floor construction you have. That’s why our specialist team have created the floor soundproofing kits to makes things a little easier.

Soundproofing Ceiling Kit Solution

Ceiling soundproofing kits

Ceiling soundproofing kits are a practical and effective solution for addressing noise issues in homes, offices, or other spaces. These kits typically include a range of materials and components designed to reduce airborne and impact noise that travels through ceilings.


Wall soundproofing kits

Wall soundproofing kits are a practical and efficient solution for tackling noise problems within indoor spaces. These kits typically contain an assortment of materials and components specifically designed to reduce both airborne and structural sound transmission through walls.