dB Resilient Bar


Standard dB resilient bar decouples a ceiling or wall lining from the building structure minimising bridging of sound across the separating element

Thickness 17mm
Sheet Dimesions: 3m x 30mm


Resilient Bar Profiles are designed to improve the sound insulation of plasterboard walls and ceilings whether used in new build or in the improvement of existing constructions.

The profile assists in isolating the plasterboard from the supporting surface hence reducing the area of contact and dissipating the level
of sound transferring through the metal section.

Resilient Bars Datasheet

For additional specification for this product, please download the datasheet hereDownload »

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 3 × 1.7 mm

Download Datasheet

Download Resilient Bar Datasheet