School acoustic panels on ceiling and walls

School noise absorption solutions

Floorscan can advise on a number of solutions to help reduce noise in classrooms, school halls and break-out areas. Including pre-testing, installation and aftercare. Browse through a number of solutions here:

Office acoustic panels on ceiling of an open space office

Office acoustic panels

Our team can test, supply and install a number of decorative acoustic wall and ceiling panels to help reduce noise in open office environments. We also have solutions for small and home offices too.

Meeting Room Sound Reduction Panels attached to the ceiling preventing reverberation

Meeting room absorption panels

Do you need more privacy in your meeting rooms? We have a number of sound reduction panels to help you contain and absorb sound within your meeting room.

Call Centre sound absorption desk dividers

Call centre noise reduction panels

Call centres are one the main sectors that benefit from sound absorption panels due to the amount of noise created. Our team can help isolate sound and absorb sound that may otherwise travel through the building. Have a look at how we can help.

village 9

Community & Village Hall Absorption Panels

Community halls can easily reduce reverberation and echo that  contribute to noise levels in open spaces. To control this, the hall can install acoustic panels as part of their sound control policy.

Sound reduction panels fitted to a restaurant ceiling

Restaurant and Bar absorption solutions

Restaurants may require a more decorative solution when installing acoustic wall and ceiling panels. We have a range of bespoke solutions that will complement any bar or restaurant.