Call Centres

Call centres can be extremely hectic, noisy, busy environments to work in. When you have a large volume of staff working together in an open plan space, the sound levels can build up and become unbearable. Offices tend to have lots of acoustically reflective surfaces, desks, cupboards, glass etc so the noise reverberates around the room making it an unpleasant working space.

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Restaurant Absorption

It is common for restaurants to be noisy reverberant spaces. Many are large volume rooms, with hard finishes, open kitchens, easy clean floors and tables that reverberate the noise around and of course full of diners chatting and being merry. Atmosphere is of utmost importance to a venue such as this, however, noise levels should be controlled to ensure customers have the best possible experience.

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Meeting Rooms

During planning and building stages, companies do not often think about their acoustic quality within the meeting room environment. This causes a common problem. We are often contacted and asked for advice on how to reduce sound when private meetings and confidential discussions are taking place in the room. The main worry being that the sound can be carried beyond the meeting room walls.

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School and Sports Hall Sound Absorption

Poor acoustics and classroom reverberation can be a serious barrier to learning. If a pupil can’t hear what is being said in the classroom or the teacher can’t hear what the pupil is saying then learning is made all the more difficult. Being able to hear clearly and understand what is said is vitally important in class. It can also affect pupil or student behaviour as concentration wanders or is distracted. Poor acoustics are a problem when classroom reverberation and the level of background noise is high enough to get in the way of teaching and learning.

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Office Sound Absorption

One of the things we get called out for regularly is office work. Not the type of office work everyone else is used to of course! It’s a growing trend for businesses across the UK to inhabit repurposed spaces. Old warehouses, mills, factories etc. make for roomy and and often quite exciting looking offices, but these buildings do have their drawbacks. One of these is sound.

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village 9

Village Hall Sound Absorption

To ensure a comfortable environment and an acceptable noise climate for both staff, customers and the external environment it is important that the correct acoustic specifications are adhered to in sports facilities. The Floorscan technical team will provide specifications to meet these requirements.

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