Floorscan contractors fitting absorption panels

Sound Absorption Installation

Absorption Panels are the perfect solution for sound issues in all kinds of spaces. Leisure Spaces, Studios, Education, Halls/ Large Spaces, Restaurants/Cafes, Church, Studio, Office and Healthcare.

Large, open spaces often suffer from poor room acoustics. This manifests as reverberation and echo, creating unwelcome levels of noise, seriously affecting speech intelligibility, and making verbal communication difficult. In short, it makes for an unpleasant environment to spend time in, whether for work, leisure, or learning.

Absorption panels are an incredibly efficient way to introduce a high-performance, absorptive material to any space. The panels comprise a technical, non-shedding, acoustic foam, a rigid frame insert to the rear and an acoustically transparent fabric finish to the face and sides. Easily and quickly installed by our own Floorscan professional team.

Sound Assessment

What can you expect?

You will be visited by our contracts managers either Simon or Chris. They have over 15 years of Acoustic expertise and will arrange an initial meeting with you to talk you through your options, measure the space and provide you with a quotation and noise calculation chart to demonstrate the noise reductions you can expect.

Types of Absorption Panels

Panels can be suspended from ceilings on clips or brackets mounted to walls, allowing the panels to stand proud of the ceiling or wall exposing the back of the panel and offering enhanced acoustic performance as well as creating a stunning visual effect.

The product is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to accommodate any existing wall or ceiling and can also be printed with photographs or images to create a striking ‘canvas’ effect

Absorber Installation

Once you are happy with the absorption panels you have chosen and the date for the work to be carried out our team of installers will come and install all the panels and leave the space looking as clean and tidy as when they arrived.

“Fantastic, we did the hall opening and it worked like a dream! During the project we worked with Simon and his team to develop a great solution to the acoustics within our hall. The quality of the work was great, and they worked to an incredibly tight timescale to accommodate us.”