Acoustilay 15 Acoustic Underlay

This is the premium acoustic underlay product on the market. Tried and tested to help with both airborne and impact noise. This is a high-performance product and is used as an overlay mat for concrete and as an underlay for Carpet for greater comfort. Can also be used under vinyl and engineered wood if used with plywood.

A cost-effective alternative to the premium brand, providing superb sound insulation as an underlay or overlay for most floor types. These include carpets, laminate and engineered wood.

dB Acoustic Underlay Mat 15
db Soundproof Matting 15mm

This acoustic underlay is perfectly designed for wooden floors, an extremely durable insulation product, offering low compression and deflection. The industry recommended underlay for wooden floors

Acoustilay Tilemat is the only acoustic sound insulation product for installation under stone and tile floor finishes. Acoustilay Tilemat offers excellent sound insulation and can be used in new build, conversion and refurbishment projects.

Acoustilay Tilemat Underlay
Soundblox - Soundproof Matting

The recommended choice for carpet, this acoutic underlay not only provides sound insulation but also the fantastic comfort of premium carpert underlay.