GenieClip Ceiling Soundproofing Kit

GenieClip High Mass Ceiling Kit – Timber floors

An effective solution for separating floors, combining acoustic plasterboard with Tecsound Mass Loaded Vinyl and the GenieClip track and clip solution for decoupling the ceiling. Only £60㎡ for supply of the complete solution

Maxi Soundproofing Kit for ceilings

Maxi Resilient Bar Ceiling Kit – timber floors

Easy decoupling system to provide a high-performance sound insulation system to timber separating floor ceilings. £80㎡ for supply of the complete solution

GenieClip Sound Insulation and Ceiling System

GenieClip Ceiling Kit – Concrete Floors

Specifically designed for concrete separating floors. This comprehensive package features an innovative selection of products, including GenieClip, Hush Slab, SOUNDBLOC, Tecsound and Fireline Plasterboard, each engineered to work in unison, providing an unmatched level of sound insulation and absorption. Only £85㎡ for supply of complete solution.

Concrete Ceiling System

Maxi Ceiling Kit – Concrete Floors

Soundproofing System, a fully integrated solution specifically tailored for concrete separating floors. Designed to effectively reduce both airborne and impact noise, this system is comprised of top-tier products: MAXI RESILIENT BARS, HUSH SLAB, DBOARD, and FIRELINE. This combination offers a comprehensive approach to soundproofing, ensuring that your space remains undisturbed by external noise sources. Only £65㎡ for the complete solution, supply only.