High Mass Wall sound insulation diagram

Independent High Mass Soundproofing Kit

An effective solution for brick and masonry walls making use of the best sound insulation products on the market. Find out more about this solution. A complete wall solution for only £80㎡

Soundproof Wall Kit with Clips

High Mass Kit with Genie Clips

Easy decoupling with superior isolation technology using the market-leading clip system from GenieClip to provide an easy installation. A complete wall solution for £60㎡

Sound Insulation kit with dboard and maxi bars

dBoard & Maxi Soundproofing Kit

This solution is ideal for those who don’t want to mess about with lots of materials as it uses one of the most advanced Acoustic construction boards available. A compete wall solution for £55㎡

Slimline Clip wall soundproofing kit.

Slimline Soundproofing kit with GenieClips

An ideal solution for when you cant afford to add too much mass to your walls by using the market-leading GenieClip system for superior sound isolation. A complete wall solution for £80㎡