dB Panel 17 Acoustic Shallow Overlay Panel

Lightweight and shallow at only 17mm thick. The product is 9mm tongue and groove MDF with an 8mm acoustic felt backing. DB panel 17 is designed to reduce impact transfer through a floor and will achieve building regulation when used with an acoustic dropped ceiling system. It also offers a smooth solid substrate to receive the floor finish.

Our most popular acoustic floor board product. This product is commonly specified on new build and conversion projects across the uk as the acoustic floor covering to achieve building regulations. The product is 28mm thick with 18mm tongue and groove chipboard and 10mm acoustic left pads. All of these deck products are floating floors and designed to be installed with no mechanical fixings.

Resilient Felt Layer side to acoustic chipboard panel
db Panel 32 Acoustic Chipboard

A more solid and robust version of the acoustic floorboard. The db panel 32 is a 22mm chipboard and 10mm acoustic felt backing. The 22mm offers a more structural covering and called also be installed straight to the joist as well as an overlay board. When installed straight to the joist the panel is used in conjunction with db joists strips to keep the integrity of the acoustic layer.

Tailor-made for developments with timber structures and can be installed straight to the joist. This innovative product consists of a robust 22mm High-Density P5 Moisture Resistant Chipboard, accompanied by a resilient 10mm Hushfelt™ layer and an effective 5mm Hush Barrier Mat.

Hush Panel 37 Acoustic Overlay Board

Mondeck’s entry-level cost-effective acoustic floor panel. 26mm thick with 18mm chipboard T&G and an 8mm acoustic recycled chip foam backing. With fantastic soundproofing qualities and an affordable solution that provides a level, acoustic chipboard, solid floor.