Sound absober canvas

Create stylish printed sound absorption panels

May 18, 2016

When visiting the cinema, sound quality is very important and creates a big part of the movie experience. Cinemas that get it right will have happy customers who return time and again. That’s why Floorscan’s recent refurbishment of the Plaza Cinema in Crosby needed some finishing touches: including the installation of customised printed sound absorption panels. These panels not only tell the story of the cinema, but they play a vital role in keeping sound reflections and reverberation to a minimum.

How we did it

We needed to create panels big enough to allow for noise reduction in the screening rooms, because there was an issue with sound leakage. The Plaza is an old building, first opened in 1939 and converted to a multi-screen venue in later years. These old buildings need clever renovation work to ensure that they suit their new purpose, otherwise sound problems can occur. The big panels would cover large spaces of wall, so they needed to provide style as well as function – that’s why we came up with the idea of printed panels. Using vintage photographs of the cinema’s history, we had prints made on acoustic materials that could then be strategically mounted on the cinema walls.

Plaza sound absorber

Cinema History

The panels showcase the rich history of the Plaza, which has seen many changes in its years. After a shaky start in September 1939 when its launch coincided with the start of WWII, the cinema went from strength to strength for decades, before facing closure. It was saved by the community through dedicated campaigning, and has been renovated and reopened through the Plaza Community Cinema group. This story is the one we wanted to tell, using historical photographs to bring the tale to life on the walls of the cinema. Of course, we took great care with the original photographs and made sure they were safely returned as soon as possible!

With modern technology mixed with vintage surroundings, the Plaza now has everything it needs to bring great movie screenings to life. Patrons can enjoy state of the art sound quality without interruptions, and the history of the building itself won’t be lost thanks to the custom printed sound absorption panels throughout the building.