Product ReviewAcoustilay 8 Acoustic Flooring

Lightweight laminate flooring recently became the cause of tension between two apartment dwellers. The occupants of the ground floor apartment constantly complained to their landlord about noisy footsteps, voices, and loud impact noises coming from their ceiling when items were dropped on the floor in the flat above them.

Landlord responsibilities

The people who lived in the upper flat were owner occupiers who kept themselves to themselves and they did not respond to letters from their neighbour’s landlord in Chester. When the upstairs apartment came up for sale the landlord purchased it and upon inspecting the floor he noted that it had a poorly laid chipboard sub floor. Aware of Building Regulations Part E, this private landlord from Chester contacted us to see what acoustic solution we could provide for him that would meet regulations for both impact and airborne sound.

Creating a soundproof solution

The first step we take towards eliminating impact noise between ceilings and floors is to carry out assessment testing on site, as required under the current building regulations. To measure the sound level downstairs a tapping machine is operated upstairs.

On completion of this first step, we presented our proposals to our client from Chester, and once he was satisfied, we gave him our quote for the required work. Once he approved our quotation, we set to work on his site, with full insurance provided, of course.

Choosing the best soundproof panels

Once we removed the noisy laminate flooring completely, we spent time securing the chipboard flooring to the joists. We then laid Acoustilay sound insulation in strips around the edge of all the rooms and then lay more Acoustilay up to them. This work has completely eliminated impact noise to the apartment below, meeting noise regulations.

Manufactured entirely in the UK, Acoustilay sound insulation is 100% recyclable. To give Acoustilay mass, a barrier mat, manufactured from mixed and post industrial waste sources, is used, and this mat is also 100% recyclable. A favourite with acoustic consultants, Acoustilay can substantially reduce impact noise through concrete and timber floors. It is easy to cut and shape and it is quick to install.

Our client was so pleased that his tenants now had tranquility and freedom from disturbance of noise, and so impressed with our product and the workmanship of our installation team, that he has asked us to price an acoustic ceiling for another property in Chester.