To be honest, it is probably slightly unfair to suggest that the students involved were particularly loud, but they did enjoy music, as students do; and even conversations could spread further than anyone might want them to.

The problem
In this particular case, our client owned a number of student properties around the Ormskirk area. The building involved in this project was a 1930s semi-detached house, a style you will find throughout so many Lancashire and north-west towns.

Both the tenants and their neighbours were raising complaints about airborne noise issues such as the voices or music already mentioned. If you live in a similar property it’s quite likely you have lived with the same soundproofing problems.

Reducing noise in student housing
As with all residential enquiries, our professional and friendly team arranged a convenient time to visit the property to make a detailed assessment, both of the location and the situation; and also to discuss the specific problems. We then created a detailed specification and highly competitive installation quotation for our proposed solution.

After being given the go-ahead, we went to work. Our standard residential acoustic system proved to be the appropriate choice. This consists of a 50mm metal frame with insulation friction. This was fitted between studs 25mm away from the existing wall, with the high-performance Maxiboard acoustic board and then a finishing Fermacell board.

Overall, this new independent lining comes off the existing wall by 105mm. Finally, acoustic socket boxes were installed to all sockets located on this party wall. This system covered two alcoves in the lounge, the full dining room wall, and alcoves in a pair of bedrooms.

A changed sound, much more like silence, thanks to our new independent acoustic wall lining, was just what our client and their tenants really wanted. They are looking to insulating more of their properties in this way in 2015.

As we mentioned, there are many homes across the country where a similar problem is likely to exist. If this is you, a quick call to our Floorscan team on 0151 933 0939, will allow us to offer sound advice. If you prefer, simply complete the contact box on this page and we’ll quickly be in touch.

We offer acoustic solutions from top to bottom of any property, including ceilings, walls, and floors – helping to shut out noisy neighbours or keep those sounds you make strictly within your own home.

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