Do you have meeting room sound problems? Reduce noise acoustic absorption panels

Meeting rooms are where the big decisions are made and great acoustics play a huge part in productivity – trust us, there have been studies about this!

You’ve probably noticed this and that’s how you’ve landed on this page.

So how can you resolve meeting room noise problems?

Quite simply, absorption panels are the simplest and easiest method without changing the structure of the room.

improved speech intelligibility: When sound is absorbed by acoustic materials in the room, it reduces the amount of reverberation and echo, making it easier for people to hear and understand what is being said.

Increased privacy: Sound absorption can help to prevent conversations from being overheard outside the meeting room, which is particularly important in confidential meetings or in open-plan offices where noise can be a distraction.

Reduced noise levels: By absorbing sound, acoustic materials can help to reduce overall noise levels in the room, making it more comfortable for people to work and communicate.

Improved concentration: Sound absorption can reduce the distraction caused by background noise, allowing people to concentrate better and be more productive during meetings.

Enhanced acoustics: Properly designed and installed sound-absorbing materials can also improve the overall acoustics of the room, making it more pleasant to be in and enhancing the experience of those using the space.