Meeting Room Sound Absorption

Installing an acoustic suspended ceiling

When holding business meetings or making calls in your office, privacy is of the utmost importance. Many companies express concern at the possibility of sensitive information being overheard, and welcome solutions to this problem. Ensuring that conversations remain between participants only enables everyone to do their job happily and effectively.

Reducing noise in any office space

We are regularly approached by Businesses with this very problem, the solution we provide for them: acoustic suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are a great way to create partitions within large open spaces, so many offices use them within their design. However, traditional suspended ceilings only fill the gap between the partition wall and the main ceiling itself, so sound can easily leak through. Workers in busy offices will know how distracting the sound can be at times!

Fitting an acoustic suspended ceiling

We often recommend replacing an entire suspended ceiling with soundproof technology. This way, we are able to bring in some excellent soundproof layering and block the noise from escaping through the space above the wall. The tiles we recommend can also be easily removed should the office undergo future refurbishment, or if maintenance workers require access to the electrical systems.

What we use and how we do it

In order to keep the suspended ceiling design while filtering out office sound and protecting private conversations, we recommend the 100mm Acoustic Slab which we fill with SRS Soundblocker ceiling tiles before replacing across the whole office space. These sound-blocking layers are specially designed to prevent cross-talk noise and keep sound breakout to a minimum. This includes sound protecting for all ceiling fittings and lights, and once finished you will hear the difference straight away. The sound of people talking in the next room will no longer be an issue, and there will be no chance of any breach of confidentiality occurring at either office.

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