Restaurant Sound Absorption

We are often approached by Restaurants and Bars who are struggling with this particular issue. Many restaurants and bars nowadays are large spaces with high ceilings and hard wooden floors. These modern stylish areas look fantastic but reverberation from all these hard surfaces – wood, glass, brick etc cause real noise issues which isn’t a pleasant dining and drinking experience.

If you have a restaurant or bar which is experiencing these issues then give us a call. After an initial discussion over the phone, our experts will arrange to visit the site to view the area and discuss further with your Restaurant Team. We will discuss the available options and then send you a proposal outlining these.

How we apply Restaurant Soundproofing

We will carry out a Reverberation Time calculation. Reverberation is the prolongation of a sound; resonance, echo, vibration etc. Reverberation time is defined as the length of time required for sound to decay 60 decibels from its initial level. From the calculations that we carry out with the specified installation e.g.Sonata Aurio Panels, we can then work out how much the reverberation time can be reduced by.

Sonata Aurio Panels

The Aurio absorber is a high performance acoustic foam with a high-quality fabric finish or PVC coating on the face, edges and back return surfaces, in a colour(s) chosen from the chart. Customer’s own fabric may be suitable if of an open-weave. They are directly fitted to most backgrounds, walls, and ceilings. The panels are fixed with Sonatac adhesive.

  • Versatile – fits in any orientation: wall or ceiling (inc sloping); portrait or landscape
  • Visually pleasing – available in a choice of sizes, colours and finishes (fabric or PVC)
  • Simple and clean to install – no drilling, simply fix using Sonata Sonatac adhesive.


We have helped out a variety of restaurants now, all who were thrilled with the results. We have created a much more pleasant dining experience for their customers. The Sonata Aurio Panels are aesthetically pleasing and blend well with the overall contemporary design of each restaurant’s interior. The sound levels have dramatically reduced and echo and reverberation have lessened.

Sound Absorption Products