Recording Studio

As acoustic specialists Floorscan are routinely involved with projects within the music industry. From high specification commercial studios to home rehearsal spaces Floorscan can provide acoustic services. Floorscan can provide design advice to full ‘turn key” solutions to meet any performance requirement and any budget.

Commercial Studio

Floorscan Acoustics are experienced builders and fitters of high end recording studios

At Floorscan we are experienced in the design and construction of high quality recording studios. Working alongside our experienced acoustic consultants Floorscan are able to take care of the entire process of the design, build and testing of a recording studio facility.

From having an empty space or an existing structure Floorscan Acoustics will design the recording studio considering all acoustic issues, from noise break in and out, the layout and positioning of the studio, passage of sound, to the room acoustics.

Home Studio

Floorscan Acoustics are able to design and create spaces for recording studios within your home

Floorscan acoustics have designed and built recording studios within clients homes. By carrying out an initial survey of the desired space to be used we are able to create a detailed specification, programme and quotation for the supply and installation of the ideal materials.

Floorscan are able to test the existing separating elements within the space and design the specification to suit. Floorscan will take care of the acoustic linings, insulation, acoustic doors and windows.

Floorscan are able to ‘tune the room’ once the acoustic insulation element has been tackled. By tuning the room we can install the correct absorption materials to achieve the desired reverberation time for the rooms use.

Rehearsal Space

Floorscan Acoustics are experienced in designing and building soundproof rehearsal spaces for musicians. Whether for domestic or commercial use Floorscan acoustics are able to carry out a visual survey of a space and conduct sound testing if required in order to design an appropriate rehearsal space for musicians of any instrument or equipment.

Floorscan will identify what the use of the space is for and design the ideal acoustic space, considering passage of sound from the space, noise break in and break out and tuning of the room for the optimum sound for the instrument or equipment being used.

Live Venue

From bars to auditoriums Floorscan can provide acoustic designs to tune your live venue for the optimum acoustic performance. Floorscan can specify the system that best suits your requirement acoustically and aesthetically. If your venue is having issues with noise break in or out Floorscan can identify the issues and provide an acoustic specification to eliminate the issue.