Acoustic Plasterboard being cut for a commercial building

Floorscan have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Industrial noise problems and solutions.
Take a look at a few of our relevant case studies and give us a call to discuss your problem or to arrange a site survey carried out from one of our experienced acousticians.

Its as easy as 4 simple steps from going from your current noise problem to an acoustic solution

Site Visit / Survey

Call and arrange for one of Floorscan’s experienced acoustic experts to arrange a site visit and survey. We offer a variety of services to best identify your noise problem. From a visual survey and discussion regarding the noise issues to sample sound testing carried out by our UKAS Accredited sound engineers to give detailed analysis.


Following the site visit or survey our team will design a technical specification for a solution to your noise problem. This may be a stock detail that Floorscan use on a regular basis or a bespoke detail for your requirements. The specification will be presented with technical details and clear explanation of the system and how it will be installed.


Once the solution has been identified and the specification has been provided, Floorscan will provide a quotation for the materials and/ or installation. Depending on the client and their requirement or capabilities Floorscan can provide a supply only quotation or a full supply and installation quote.


Once the client is happy with the specification and has agreed the quotation Floorscan can begin the installation for the project. Our team will inform our client of the anticipated contract period and the number of acoustic fitters that will be working on the project. Full insurances and details for our fitting team will be provided to the clients along with risk assessments and method statements.