Panels fitted in a classroom to help with noise control

Acoustics in Schools plays a vital role in today’s learning environment, the choice of material type and location to meet current regulations (BB93) is extremely important, however if installed incorrectly can undo all the good work.
We at Floorscan have the knowledge, experience and installation teams to ensure that your project meets yours or your clients requirements which will ensure compliance with the current regulations.

It is important to create the correct learning environment as soon as children begin education. As youngsters can be noisy we often design acoustic absorption treatment into nurseries to eliminate the high frequency reverberation. Floorscan offer a wide range of materials that can be installed into these projects.

Floorscan carry out a considerable amount of work for schools across the country. From designing bespoke music, dance or drama studios to reducing noise levels in large areas such as sports or assembly halls. Floorscan can be contracted during term time or over the school holidays to carry out specialist acoustic installation work.

Colleges and Universities
When students get to college and University level and have selected specialist subjects such as music, dance and drama, higher performance acoustic systems are often required. Floorscan have been involved with many specialist acoustic fit out projects for high level performance at colleges and universities across the country.