Floorscan Acoustics have over 20 years experience in installing sound proofing systems into our clients homes.
Floorscan are experienced in identifying domestic or ‘noisy neighbour’ sound problems and creating a suitable specification for an acoustic solution. Floorscan are able to supply and install the correct system to reduce or eliminate noise issues with as little disruption to the client as possible.

Floorscan have carried out domestic soundproofing installations all across the country and Britain. At Floorscan we are partnered with an UKAS accredited acoustic consultancy so not only are we experienced in identifying what noise issues there may be, we are experienced in identifying a practical and robust system that will give an acoustic performance to satisfy our client. We also employ experienced acoustic fitters to install the specified system in the correct manor.

Noisy Neighbours
Floorscan are familiar with noisy neighbour issues and have vast experience solving these problems with our domestic sound insulation systems.

Acoustic Walls
Floorscan offer a number of solutions to reduce noise through party walls varying in thickness, weight and performance.

Acoustic Floors
Floorscan offer a number of flooring systems for soundproofing from above for noise coming up or down through a floor.

Acoustic Ceilings
Floorscan can supply and install acoustic ceiling systems for soundproofing both airborne and impact noise.