Contractors Soundproofing a Ceiling at a residential home

Residential Homes

We provide soundproof installation for both new build homes or refurbishments. We will help you design the perfect acoustic system to meet Part E Building Regulations. We can also help reduce sound in your home if you have noisy neighbours, or busy traffic outside. Contact our installation team for advice and assistance.

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Recording Studio

Music Studios

We can help you design and create the perfect music studio in both commercial and residential buildings. Whether it’s a new build or conversion, we have the perfect acoustic solution for your new music or recording studio. Click through to find out more or take a look at our recent case studies to see what’s involved when insulating a music studio

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Panels fitted in a classroom to help with noise control


It’s been proven that acoustics in schools, colleges and universities is detrimental to health and well being of the students. It also helps to increase the ability to listen and learn. Floorscan work with many institutions each year to help test and improve sound within classrooms and public areas. Take a look at our case studies or click through to find out how we can help further.

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Acoustic Plasterboard being cut for a commercial building


In todays economy, old industrial buildings are being renovated into swanky new creative offices and working side by side with industry. Our soundproofing contractors can help reduce sound that may affect meeting rooms and offices. Find out more by taking a look at our case studies or clicking though.

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Floorscan contractors fitting absorption panels

Acoustic Absorption Installation

Tackling airborne sound with unique absorbing panels can be the easiest and most effective way to tackle reverberation and create an overall better environment for a busy office, hall or commercial space. Absorption panels can be designed to fit the appearance or brand of a particular company. Find out more about our supply and installation service.

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Installing soundproof materials at Media City


With a wealth of experience working in the TV and Film industry, we confidently provide a design and installation service working to your architects specifications. Our acoustic contractors have worked with production company, DOCK 10 in Media City. Please contact our install team for information on free site visits, help and advice.

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