Contractors Soundproofing a Ceiling at a residential home

Floorscan provide free acoustic consultancy for architects, clients and developers with residential projects. Floorscan provide free design advice and site survey to provide specifications for residential projects. Floorscan provide specifications for party floors, walls and junctions details to ensure the project achieve Part E of the building regulations.

Floorscan will provide details drawings and specifications for your project.

Floorscan are partnered with a UKAS accredited acoustic consultancy and can provide sound insulation testing to achieve compliance with Part E of the building regulations. We can also provide sample sound testing to tailor specifications for our clients and potential save cost on materials.

Floorscan can also provide planning and environmental noise surveys for your scheme.

With the requirements of Approved Document E and Robust details it is imperative that your acoustic specifications meet the requirements for your building project. Floorscan have vast experience, knowledge and test data to specify a suitable system to meet your projects performance requirements and budget.


Whether you are building new build homes or converting an existing house it is important to be aware of the acoustic regulations you must meet and design the specifications to meet. It is also important to consider planning conditions that will affect the acoustic specifications of the property.


When building apartments it is essential to consider acoustic requirements from early in the design process. Apartments are regulated for noise under Part E of the building regulations where the performance of party walls, floors and junctions must be considered. The specification and design of the floors, walls and ceilings is crucial.

Building Regulation Compliance

Since 2003 any development with party walls and floors must comply with Part E of the building regulations. To find out about regulations on your development give the office a call.