Soundproof Doors

Each soundproof door is a bespoke installation based on the level of sound reduction required for the space or room.

Manufacturer: Floorscan

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The image examples are from a recent installation at the Liverpool Performing Arts college, where Floorscan had designed and installed a recording studio.

Our soundproof door solutions are manufactured for all sectors including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Recording Studios
  • Healthcare and commercial
  • Domestic

Soundproof doors, also known as acoustic doors, are the ideal solution for a variety of applications. Floorscan’s bespoke acoustic doors are built to order, giving you the soundproofing qualities, look, and size you need for your building.

Soundproofing is an important element for many spaces. Recording studios benefit from soundproof doors as they can keep outside sounds from interfering in recordings, while manufacturing properties can use acoustic doors to contain the noise of production processes.

Acoustic doors are also used within healthcare buildings. They can give privacy and safety for both practitioners and patients.

Soundproof doors can also be used in residential property. Acoustic doors offer privacy within a property, and are a popular choice for security doors.

Floorscan’s bespoke service offers soundproof doors to fit any design scheme or property type. Manufactured from lasting, quality materials, each door is designed and installed to meet the unique needs of the space.

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