Acoustic d board 13 mm


Floorscan dBoard is a high mass and density acoustic building board ideal for adding mass to ceilings, walls and floors

Product Length: 1185 MM

Product Width: 585 MM

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Acoustic dBoard is a superior high mass yet thin acoustic building board for ceilings walls and sometimes floors. dBoard is far superior to standard ‘sound proof’ plasterboards and versatile in its installation

  • Acoustic dBoard Meets Part E of the Building Regulations for both airborne and impact noise
  • dBoard is suitable for ceilings, walls and floors
  • dBoard is suitable for use with timber, metal and concrete construction
  • Easy to accommodate different ceiling heights
  • Minimal thickness
  • Extremely durable

Acoustic dBoard+ is also available for merchant accounts.

Check out an installation we completed using Dboard in this video…

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