acoustilay 8 underlay flooring

Acoustilay 8

Product Length: 1200mm

Product Width: 1200mm

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Acoustilay 8 is an acoustic overlay flooring product designed to deal with both impact and airborne noise through a party floor. At 8KG per M2 Acoustilay adds significant mass as a top layer at only 12mm thick.

Key Features

  • Acoustilay 8 Improves airborne sound insulation
  • Acoustilay 8 reduces impact noise
  • Acoustliay 8 is simply laid under most floor finishes
  • Acousitlay 8 is easily cut and shaped
  • Acoustilay 8 minimises increase in floor level
  • Acoustilay 8 is easily and quickly installed
  • Acoustilay 8 can be used to meet Part E of the building regulations
  • Acoustilay 8 can allow access to the existing floor
  • Acoustliay 8 is 100% recyclable
  • Acoustilay 8 is 100% sourced and manufactured in UK
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