Acoustilay 15

Manufacturer: SRS

Product Length: 1200mm

Product Width: 1200mm

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Acoustilay 15 is a premium acoustic floor treatment which has been the market leader for many years. Acoustilay is highly effective for treating both airborne and impact sound transmission through a floor.

Acoustilay 15 is supplied onto domestic, residential and commercial flooring products. The underlay is a popular product due to its superior performance and quick installation. Acoustilay 15 will show noticeable performance over basic floor constructions and give significant improvement laid over existing structures.

Acoustilay 15 can also be used as part of an acoustic or soundproofing system for an entire floor specification.


  • This product improves airborne sound insulation
  • Fantastic material for reducing impact noise
  • Acoustilay 15 is simply laid under most floor finishes, Including wood and Vinyl
  • The material is easily cut and shaped for easy installation
  • Acoustilay 15 minimises increase in floor level
  • Acoustilay 15 can be used to meet Part E of the building regulations
  • Acoustilay 15 allows access to existing floor
  • Acoustilay 15 is 100% recyclable
  • Acoustilay 15 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK
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