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Gorilla Gym Flooring Mat – Grey


This recycled rubber roll is purposely manufactured in the United Kingdom for the fitness industry. Easy to install and highly effective for impact and sound absorption.

Green Gym Flooring Rolls

Green Gym Flooring Rolls


These green gym flooring rolls are suitable for concrete or screed flooring. Easily installed and available to purchase online.

Acoustilay 15 Acoustic Flooring Product

Acoustilay 15


Acoustilay 15 is a premium acoustic floor treatment which has been the market leader for many years. Acoustilay is highly effective for treating both airborne and impact sound transmission through a floor.

Acoustilay 8 Acoustic Flooring

Acoustilay 8


Acoustilay 8 is an acoustic overlay flooring product designed to deal with both impact and airborne noise through a party floor. At 8KG per M2 Acoustilay adds significant mass as a top layer at only 12mm thick.

Acoustilay 8 Acoustic Flooring

Acoustilay 3


Acoustilay 3 is a high performance acoustic overlay predominantly for solving impact noise. Acoustilay 3 is the lightweight equivalent to 8, 15, and meets Part E standards when combined with the correct ceiling detail.

Acoustilay MDF Acoustic Board

Acoustilay MDF 6mm


For optimal use, Acoustilay MDF 6mm is best applied when installed over the Acoustilay flooring systems. This helps to achieve a solid substrate for the installation of Laminate, Vinyl, Carpet Tile, and Bonded Carpet Floor Finishes.  For Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) it is advisable to contact the floor manufacturer who will advise on their specifications & tolerances.

Acoustilay Premtiter Strip

Acoustilay Perimeter Strip 15mm


Acoustilay Perimeter Strip is designed for use with Acoustilay 15. When installing carpet flooring, use this product to go around the perimeter of the room when Acoustilay has already been installed. The perimeter strip is designed to bond with the the gripper rod to ensure an exact finish.

Acoustilay Premtiter Strip

Acoustilay Perimeter Strip 12mm


Perimeter Strip designed for use with Acoustilay 8. Acoustilay is the most versatile, easy to install acoustic flooring system on the market. It is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial environments and can be laid under a wide range of floor finishes. Acoustilay is manufactured in 3 different grades. All Acoustilay products provide excellent impact noise performance for footsteps, dropped items and moving furniture. This product is best used with Acoustilay 8 and 15 products which are able to reduce airborne noise such as TV, music and speech when used on timber joisted substrates.

dB Matting 15 Acoustic Floor Product

dB Matting 15


dB Matting 15 is an overlay product designed to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission through a party floor. dB Matting is effective for adding mass to a floor system from above.