Acoustic Wall Products

  • Maxiboard product image


    Maxiboard is a high acoustic performance composite building board designed for use within buildings. Maxiboard is suitable for use on […]

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    • Acoustic d board 13 mm


      Acoustic dBoard is a superior high mass yet thin acoustic building board for ceilings walls and sometimes floors. dBoard is […]

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      • Hush Resilent Bar

        dB Resilient Bar

        Standard dB resilient bar decouples a ceiling or wall lining from the building structure minimising bridging of sound across the […]

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        • Acoustic Socker Boxes

          Acoustic Socket Boxes

          SRS Acoustic Socket boxes maintain the integrity of a separating or lining wall where a weak point has been created […]

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          • Soundbar Acoustic material

            Soundbar 53

            Soundbar is a high performance, semi-flexible acoustic barrier designed to reduce sound transmission through suspended ceiling voids. Installed from the […]

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            • Hush Slab Sound Insulation for ceilings and floors

              dB Slab

              dB Slab acoustic insulation is the optimum mass and density for insulating cavity floors, ceilings and walls A unique high […]

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