Tecsound 50


Thickness 2.5mm
Sheet Dimensions: 6m x 1.22m
Area: 7.32㎡
Vehicle Use: Yes


TECSOUND is a high-density polymer-based, asphalt-free, synthetic soundproofing membrane, that offers good acoustic insulation in different building elements. It is equipped with a tissue non-tissue polypropylene fleece on its upper side to improve the tear strength of the membrane and at the same time offer protection or a finishing.


1.22m x 6.0m x 2.5mm

7.32 m2 Per Roll

Tecsound 50 is a high-performance acoustic barrier mat/membrane. Tecsound 50 adds 5Kg per m2 of mass to any floor, wall or ceiling. It is a versatile, flexible and easy to cut and shape the material.

Damping effect

TECSOUND® offers excellent damping for the vibration of metal panels and lightweight materials, thus reducing the noise produced by atmospheric agents such as rain or wind on metal or timbered roofs, or the noise generated by vibration in premises with machinery.

Easy and rapid application

All the TECSOUND® products are easily applied and do not require special tools. In addition, products like TECSOUND®SY (self-adhesive with a width equal to that of gypsum boards), offer even faster application. Its 1.2 m. width allows it to have less joints and better installation ratios.

Adaptable to uneven surfaces

TECSOUND®’s high elasticity and flexibility makes it totally adaptable to curved surfaces or difficult points, like angles or joints.

Rot-proof and ageing-resistant

TECSOUND®’s properties remain unaltered with the ageing. The product does not absorb water or grow mould.

Tecsound 50 Application

• Soundproofing against airborne noise in ceilings and lightweight roofs.
• Reduction of the impact noise level in all types of floors.
• Damping of impact noise caused by atmospheric agents on metal decks.
• Soundproofing of air conditioning ducts and pipes.
• Combined with sound-absorbent materials, it offers products with a high acoustic performance.
• Its applications in the industrial field cover from the soundproofing of booths to the acoustic insulation of machine-rooms, gutter pipes, sound-damping of metal sheets, etc.

Tecsound SY50 Datasheet

For additional specification for this product, please download the datasheet hereDownload »

Additional information

Weight 36.6 kg
Dimensions 600 × 122 × 0.25 mm

Download Datasheet

Download Tecsound 50 Datasheet