Tecsound 100


Tecsound is a high performance acoustic barrier mat / membrane. It offers a flexible, easy to cut material that is malleable enough to be shaped to fit any space. This system also adds 10KG per M2 of mass to any floor, wall or ceiling. Tecsound is primarily used as an airborne noise solution.


TECSOUND 100 1.20m x 4.0m

4.8m2 Per Roll

TECSOUND® covers a wide range of applications for acoustic insulation for both in terms of building such as in applications in the industrial sector.

In construction

• Acoustic insulation in vertical walls made of gypsum plasterboard or fibre plasterboards, as well as ceramic brick, concrete blocks etc. • Acoustic insulation of ceilings and flooring.

• Acoustic insulation of impact noise and vibrations in parquet, wooden, and floating floors as well as under mortar screed. • Acoustic insulation of airborne noise in metal and timbered roofs.

• Acoustic insulation of rain-fall noise on metal and timbered roofs. • Acoustic insulation of drainpipes and vents.

In industry

• Acoustic insulation for vibrations, steel or aluminium metal plates. Used for containing engines, compressors, air conditioning units and soundproofing of gutter pipes

• Acoustic insulation of prefabricated panels and moveable partition walls. • Acoustic insulation of doors, shutter box, etc.

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Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 400 × 120 × 0.5 mm

Download Datasheet

Download Tecsound 100 Datasheet