Sonata Vario


The Sonata Vario is a high performance acoustic panel formed from Basotect acoustic foam contained usually within an acoustically translucent covering fabric. A lightweight rigid metal backing frame is bonded into the rear of the panel to facilitate precision alignment upon installation.


As its name suggests, the Vario is suitable for many different applications, is extremely versatile in its installation, and is a rigid robust product.

Its unique fixing method allows for the panel to be installed either flush against a mounting surface or more usually, leaving a small airspace behind.

This rear airspace mounting technique dramatically increases the acoustic performance of the absorber and usually results in fewer absorbers being required to meet specification.

It is not the intention of the Sonata Vario panel to totally cover a wall or ceiling area. Its performance is such that in most instances the Vario panel is positioned within a room as a feature in its own right and compliments the existing room aesthetics.

  • Sonata Vario Absorber Up to 50% improved sound absorption over directly bonded absorbers
  • Enhanced acoustic performance at low frequency Versatile – fits in any orientation: wall or ceiling inc sloping; portrait or landscape Simple to install and to remove for decoration, access or relocation
  • Overcomes surface obstructions via the rear airspace i.e. ducting & services

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Download Datasheet

Download Sonata Vario Datasheet