Sonata Studio Absorption Panels

Sonata Studio Absorbers are a practical and cost effective way of controlling reverberation. A visual alternative to the Sonata Vario absorber – and where a suitably flat unobstructed background is available.


The absorber is constructed from a technical acoustic foam factory-bonded to a perforated metal rear support frame. This perforated frame allows sound to reach the back of the foam absorber. The rear airspace optimises performance across a wide frequency range. Low frequency absorption is noticeably improved with this method of installation resulting in an enhanced clarity of sound within the environment.

Through greater sound absorption a wider frequency response is achieved over a conventional directly bonded absorber.

  • Sonata Studio Absorber Up to 50% improved sound absorption over directly bonded absorbers
  • Enhanced acoustic performance at low frequency Versatile – fits in any orientation: portrait or landscape
  • Simple to install to any flat background and removal for decoration, access or relocation
  • Visually pleasing: available in a choice of sizes, colours and finishes
  • Easily fits over back-lighting for dramatic effect

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