Sonata Aurio Sound Absorbers


Sonata Aurio™ Absorbers are a practical and cost effective way of controlling reverberation. This product is an incredibly efficient way to introduce a high performance, absorptive material to any space. The panels comprise a technical, non-shedding, acoustic foam with an acoustically transparent fabric finish to the face and sides.


Sonata Aurio™ absorbers are suitable for application onto walls and ceilings and can be installed cleanly and quickly using our recommended adhesive.

The Sonata Aurio™ absorber comprises a technical acoustic foam with either a factory applied fabric finish or a factory-applied PVC paint finish which is applied to the face, edges and back return.

  • Sonata Aurio Sound Absorbers Versatile – fits in any orientation: walls or ceilings (inc sloping); portrait or landscape
  • 1000mm width
  • Visually pleasing – available in a choice of sizes, colours and finishes
  • Simple and clean to install – no drilling, simply fix using Sonata Sonatac adhesive
  • The Sonata Aurio absorber comprises technical acoustic foam with a factory-applied fabric finish to the face, edges and back return.

Sonata Aurio Sound Absorber Panels Datasheet

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