PhoneStar Sound Insulation Board


15mm thermal and sound insulation board created for floors and ceilings


What is the Phonestar Cardboard Insulation Board?

PhoneStar is a very high-performance, simple to use and versatile acoustic insulation product that exceeds Building Regulations in the UK and Ireland, where resistance to sound is concerned.

This cardboard and sand insulation board provides excellent impact and airborne results for sound reduction. This product is also natural, eco-friendly and breathable.

Eco Friendly Sound Insulation

It is eco-friendly due to the sustainable and natural product being used which is made from cardboard and sand. This versatile board can be used for both ceilings and flooring, with it also being CE marked.

Due to PhoneStar boards being thin at 15mm, this makes it ideal for most usages such as; conversions, new builds, remedial projects and refurbishments.

Part of PhoneStar insulation boards being versatile is also due to it taking up slim spaces and being designed to be easy to use.

Can be used as a thermal insulation Board.

PhoneStar boards are heat absorbent, by adding thermal mass, making it improve timber frames or lightweight buildings which are prone to overheating. These boards will absorb the heat in the day and release it at night. This ability to deal with heat makes this the perfect product to use in conjunction with underfloor heating.

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