Web Tack M20 Contact Adhesive 500ml


Web Tack adhesive for bonding to rubber, concrete, laminate and much more.



The features of this adhesive are; fast track, the foaming formula for low soak in, high heat resistance, economical and efficient in use and high performance.

This adhesive is used with M20 rubber sheets with walls, it is in aerosol form, making it easily sprayable. It can also be used on M20 rubber sheets to provide initial grip before using a mechanical fix. This adhesive bonds to many materials, its high temperature resistance that most similar products helps to achieve this. It can deal with 90°C and up to 100°C when using in low stress applications.

Web tack aerosol adhesive can bond to the following materials effectively; concrete, composites, canvas fabrics, metals, rigid plastics, HP laminates, timber-based materials, timber, polythene, cardboard, carpet and cork.

When concerned with usage with asbestos removal, this product is ideal for fixing polythene sheeting for enclosures before removing the asbestos. Fixing thermal insulation is also an area where this product excels, whilst being good for use with packing applications such as palletising and case sealing.

This product is not suitable with unsupported PVC (Vinyl) or expanded polystyrene.