dB 10 Joist Strip


Thickness 10mm
Sheet Dimesions: 1.37m x 50mm x 10mm
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dB 10 Joist Strips are supplied as part of a system or in packs to allow our other Sound Insulation products to be laid directly on to joists. This product is used to reduce impact sound transmission through timber internal floors.

dB joist strips give added impact protection to dB overlays when installed as an impact barrier along the run of a joist in a timber party floor.

dB 10 Joist Strips are supplied only as part of a system to allow dB Panel 28, 32, and dB Ply 28 to be fitted as a direct to joist structural floor solution.

  • Excellent impact protection
  • Suitable for New Build, Change of Use, and Refurbishment Projects
  • Building Regulations Part E (England and Wales), Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland)
  • Can be used with underfloor heating systems that sit between the joists
  • Economical solution to floating-floor products
  • Is used to create a straight to joist acoustic floor solution

Joist sound insulation is a fantastic method of reducing flanking noise between timber joists. These strips insulate the gaps that sound can still travel through.

Joist Insulation Datasheet

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