Acoustilay Perimiter Strip


Supplied in 1.2m lengths and is easy to cut. The perimeter strips can be fitted with nails, screws or glue. They have been expertly designed to accept a standard carpet gripper strip nailed on top – Used with Acoustilay 15 and Acoustilay 8 (Acoustilay 3 not required)


Dimentions; 1200mm length, 

Acoustilay Perimeter Strips are designed to cushion the perimeter of a room when placing and installing a carpet on top of the strips.

The aim of these strips is to achieve a flush finish on the carpet once the installation has been completed, it does this by taking the gripper rod into account and accommodating adequately.

You can check the Acoustilay Datasheet for full installation instructions.

Intended for use with our Acoustilay 8 & 15 and dB Matting 12 & 15.

The team at SIS says that you install the perimeter strip first of all, with it being placed up against the skirting board. This is because this allows the carpet to be snug and flush, whilst also sealing the perimeter of the room, thanks to the foam strip. This process of helping square the room off helps the installation of Acoustilay.

For any help needed on the correct quantity to order, please contact our technical team on; 01928 571 856, or alternatively you can email us on [email protected]