Acousticboard 4


This Gypsum wall-board has been designed for the reduction of sound transmission through joining walls. The Acousticboard 4 is a product ideally suited to properties susceptible to noise transference. This acoustic board has a unique 4 layer composite and can be applied as a direct fix when looking to achieve a high level of sound insulation through a diving wall.


Acousticboard 4 is comprised of multiple layers designed to insulate walls from noise and vibration.

Acousticboard 4 Sizes

  • 1200mm x 1000mm x 30mm
  • 1.20m2
  • Tapered Edge

One of the key benefits of Acousticboard 4 is that it’s a simple product to install. Acousticboard 4 can be applied directly to any level wall. We recommend 9 fixings per board. Be sure to seal the perimeter with Acoustic Sealant. A secondary layer of plasterboard can then be applied over the Acousticboard for additional mass. Always check the structural integrity of the wall you are installing onto to ensure it can take the additional weight.

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Additional information

Weight 34.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 3 mm