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Impact Rating: 57 dB L nTw
Airborne Rating 48 dB D nTw +C tr
Thickness 17mm
Sheet Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.6m
Area: 0.72㎡


Impact Rating: 59dB L nTw
Airborne Rating 62dB D nTw +C tr
Thickness 13mm
Sheet Dimensions: 1.18m x 0.58m
Area: 0.68㎡

Gyproc Soundbloc 15mm TE Plasterboard


Gyproc SoundBloc is an excellent acoustic solution for use in British Gypsum and partition wall systems. This product is particularly effective for projects where extra sound insulation is needed.



Soundstop 10 is a multi-purpose acoustic barrier which offers a multitude of different applications. For optimal performance, this product is designed to address the problem of breakout sound. For new build and refurbishment projects, Soundstop 10 is ideally suited for use in partition walls and ceiling voids.

Soundstop 5 Polymeric


Soundstop 5 (Polymeric) is a multi-purpose product, suitable for many applications where the breakout of sound is a problem. Soundstop forms an acoustic barrier, and offers and effective acoustic solution.

Tecsound SY100 SA


Tecsound S100 or SY100 is a high performance versatile self adhesive, acoustic membrane and barrier mat designed to add 10kg per m2 of mass to any floor, ceiling or wall. This easily applied self adhesive application allows for a simple and effective installation process.

Tecsound SY50 SA


Tecsound SY50 is a flexible, high performance acoustic membrane and barrier matting incorporating a self adhesive application. The Tecsound SY50 is designed to add 5kg per m2 of mass when applied to any floor, wall or ceiling.