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Acoustilay MDF 6mm


For optimal use, Acoustilay MDF 6mm is best applied when installed over the Acoustilay flooring systems. This helps to achieve a solid substrate for the installation of Laminate, Vinyl, Carpet Tile, and Bonded Carpet Floor Finishes.  For Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) it is advisable to contact the floor manufacturer who will advise on their specifications & tolerances.

Hush Panel Premier 52


Hush Panel Premier has been designed to enable an increase in floor height within refurbishment and new build projects. The resilient layer can also take care of minor undulations of the floor surface. dB Panel Premier is both an impact and airborne system.

dB Batten 55 – Acoustic Batten

Impact Rating: 56dB L nTw
Airborne Rating 47dB D nTw +C tr
Thickness 55mm / 75mm
Sheet Dimesions: 1.8m x 55/75 x 45mm

All test data is site test data with suitable ceiling treatments & flanking paths removed. Test data is for db Batten 55.

Tecsound SY100 SA


Tecsound S100 or SY100 is a high performance versatile self adhesive, acoustic membrane and barrier mat designed to add 10kg per m2 of mass to any floor, ceiling or wall. This easily applied self adhesive application allows for a simple and effective installation process.

Tecsound SY50 SA


Tecsound SY50 is a flexible, high performance acoustic membrane and barrier matting incorporating a self adhesive application. The Tecsound SY50 is designed to add 5kg per m2 of mass when applied to any floor, wall or ceiling.

Hush Slab 50mm


Hush Slab is a mineral wool insulation designed and manufactured to the optimum density for acoustic performance in a separating element such as a party wall, floor or ceiling. Hush Slab is available in all sizes 100mm | 75mm | 50mm | 25mm