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Maxiboard – Review

May 23, 2016

Sound Insulation can be used to deliver solutions for a variety of needs, these can be for commercial, domestic, residential, industrial or music studios.
Those who are looking to insulate sound can find a wide range of solutions to help block out unwanted noise. Maxiboard is a superb solution when it comes to providing that much needed sound insulation.


What is Maxiboard?

Maxiboard is a patented composite board of cement and gypsum with an added polymeric core, it has been specifically designed to deliver sound insulation in coherence with part E of the buildings regulations for separating structures. In short it is a innovative sound proof boarding for anyone looking to provide impact & airborne sound insulation.

Maxiboard - Soundproofing solution


Why should I choose Maxiboard for my sound insulation?

If you are looking to find a high impact, strong and resistant board for sound proofing then Maxiboard is the proven solution for you. Delivering the best sound insulation performance Maxiboard can improve not only airborne sound insulation but also impact. Maxiboard meets all the requirements for part E if the building regulations for separating structures and achieves a 1 hour fire rating.  This unique sound proofing solution can be used for walls and ceilings, both durable as well as preserving its size Maxiboards minimal thickness design can be nailed or screwed directly.


Where can I get Maxiboard?

Right here! We are based all of the country with our specialist team covering the whole of the UK, with over 20 years experience you can count on us to deliver the service you expect. We are specialist soundproofing contractors having worked with a wide range of clients and requirements. Whether it be domestic noise problems or a rehearsal rooms too entire recording studios. If you are looking for acoustic ceilings, floors and walls Floorscan can deliver you premium sound proofing solutions.

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