Floorscan can provide acoustic design for any type of commercial scheme. Whether it is to comply with the specific industries regulation or the clients brie, Floorscan can tailor the design to suit.


It is clear that good acoustics are essential in a cinema. Floorscan have provided specialist acoustic installations across the country. Whether it be partitions between screens and auditoriums or absorption within a screen area Floorscan have the solution.

Sport Facilities

To ensure a comfortable environment and an acceptable noise climate for both staff, customers and the external environment it is important that the correct acoustic specifications are adhered to in sports facilities. Floorscans technical team provide specifications to meet these requirements.


Hotels fall under rooms for residential purposes in the building regulations and are a mix between commercial and residential. For this reason it is important that hotels are designed correctly when it comes to acoustic design.

Music Venues

At Floorscan we are experienced in the design and construction of high quality recording studios. Working alongside our experienced acoustic consultants Floorscan are able to take care of the entire process of the design, build and testing of a recording studio facility. From having an empty space or an existing structure, Floorscan Acoustics will design the recording studio considering all acoustic issues, from noise break in and out, the layout and positioning of the studio, passage of sound, to the room acoustics.

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