Theres no modern mystery about this Pyramid! Rather than nestling deep in the Valley of the Kings as you might expect, it can be found in the equally-famous location of St Helens on Merseyside! It’s a key multi-purpose room located in the terrific Rainhill High School Media Arts College. With over 1500 pupils, this school is a vibrant, busy place, with 250 sixth-formers, many of whom are members of the Arts Academy.

The forward-looking team at Rainhill are always looking to improve the facilities for their pupils. So recently, here at Floorscan, we were delighted to be contacted at our head office in nearby Bootle by Assistant Headteacher and Director of the Media Arts College, Colin Foley. He explained that a recent renovation had been carried out on a multi-purpose room (the shape supplied the Pyramid name). Its uses were varied, with a projector set up for displaying media onto the large walls.

The problem

Due to its interesting, in fact fairly unique, shape, volume, and the finishing products that had just been used in the Pyramid Room, sadly the acoustics in the venue were very poor. In fact, the reverberation in that space made it virtually unfit for purpose. Here at Floorscan, we can survey, specify, supply, install and test to meet all school acoustic design requirements.

The solution

We’ll come to that in a moment. First things first, we began by sending an experienced team along to Rainhill to complete a site visit. There, they took measurements to produce a precise reverberation calculation, plus a forecasted calculation for the result after the proposed solution had been installed. Each piece of work we undertake has a range of unique criteria. Here, apart from the shape, Colin also specifically asked us to keep the wall areas as free as possible.

Once our inspection was completed, we produced a detailed specification, together with a quotation for both supply and installation; we also supplied a colour chart for the school to select the finish they desired.

After reviewing the school acoustic design plans and receiving the go-ahead from Rainhill, we soon agreed to install Sonata Varios, chosen in muted colours, and all carefully suspended from the ceiling. These were precisely positioned to match the tilt, unique shapes and contours; and to add to both the acoustics and the ambience of this terrific facility.

Striking the right note

It’s always terrific when a customer appreciates our hard work and dedication to a project. Colin Foley was quick to email a note to us the day after the work had been completed. He said:

“It’s like a different room – I taught in there this afternoon and it was great. Thanks very much to your team for such a good service.”

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