The Floorscan team is often contacted to work on a wide range of properties both large and small. Our specialist knowledge and expertise in supplying and installing acoustic floor systems is often applied to domestic homes, to provide a reliable solution for reducing impact noise and improving soundproofing. Our raised acoustic flooring is particularly effective for adding mass to a floor system from above, using various mattings and timber batten supports, which reduce the impact of airborne sound. The technical team at Floorscan typically work with architects and domestic owners to advise and supply the best solution for the home, including a site survey and full installation.

The brief

In this case study, our team of qualified professionals were contacted by an architect who was contracted to work on a huge domestic property in Hertfordshire. This country home had been originally built with a green oak frame that had shifted over time. After ten years, the frame had sagged to such a point that the floor was no longer level. To make improvements to the existing timber joist floor, an acoustic floor system needed to be installed to improve impact and sound insulation. Using our extensive years of experience in the building industry, Floorscan offered the appropriate advice for installing an effective floor system and specified a raised acoustic floor system as the best solution.

The Survey

When surveying the property, we quickly rejected the idea of installing an acoustic ceiling system, as many of the original oak joists that separated the kitchen and the living room on the ground floor with the nursery above were exposed. The exposed joists had been left as a particular design feature of the property, ruling out any possibility of installing an ceiling system. As an alternative solution, we worked with the architect and to find the appropriate floor system that would best suit the property. Our suggestion was to install raised acoustic flooring to level the floor and provide the highest levels of sound insulation. To achieve this, we worked we agreed to create a high level specification for the floor system that would integrate a variety of our specialist rubber products within the installation.

The Solution

Work on the installation required various depths of our db matting, which is an overlay product that reduces impact and airborne sound transmission. This matting effectively adds mass to a floor by being overlaid from above. We also used Hush Cradles and floor timber battens to pack out the floor and level it to a precise specification. The complete project required our technical expertise at all stages of the process, from the initial survey, through to creating the specification, supplying the parts and installing the floor system. The final part of the process included a full test of the floor system to ensure that all the acoustic requirements had been covered.

Following the completion of this installation, Floorscan received an extremely favourable response from the client. We are particularly proud of the skills, professionalism and knowledge that our team applied when working on this large domestic project.

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