Hall absorber Panels installed

Mere and Tabley Village Hall – Acoustic absorption solutions

October 20, 2017

Floorscan were contacted by Mere and Tabley village hall regarding a noise issue they were having with their newly built extension.

The extension to the hall looked great and the new space will allow it to cater for the increase in the clubs activities. However, such a large volume spaces can create specific acoustic challenges and when this is combined with hard surface finishes to the walls, floors and ceilings the audio reverberation was very high. This level of reverberation can create poor ambience and hearing problems when in the space.

What is audio reverberation?

Reverberation is the collection of reflected sounds from the surfaces in an enclosure like an auditorium. In reality every place within a room has its own specific reverberation and this is determined by the size and geometry of the space’s boundaries and the sound being made as well as the acoustic qualities of the materials of enclosure.

How to fix audio reverberation

The most commonly perceived quality of room acoustics is how sound energy decays in a space and is referred to as the room’s reverberation. Floorscan provided a reverberation time forecast for the space using our desktop tool. From this we were able to provide a specification and quotation for supply and installation of Sonata Panels to the ceiling. The client chose the desired colour and Floorscan completed in the installation in 1 day.

Acoustic Absorption Panels

We used Sonata Aurio which are high quality acoustic absorption panels used to reduce excessive reverberation and echo within rooms. The Aurio absorber is a high performance acoustic foam with a high quality fabric finish or PVC coating on the face, edges and back return surfaces, in a colour chosen from the chart. They can be fitted to most backgrounds, walls and ceilings and they offer a number of technical benefits:

Versatile – fits in any orientation: wall or ceiling (inc sloping); portrait or landscape
Visually pleasing – available in a choice of sizes, colours and finishes (fabric or PVC)
Simple and clean to install – no drilling, simply fix using Sonata Sonatac adhesive.

Reverberation problem?

Mere and Tabley Village Hall were delighted with results of our work and appreciated the immediate impact it had on the sound quality of the hall extension. The panels were aesthetically pleasing and fitted well into the overall design of the space.

Floorscan are experts in treating reverberation and noise problems in a variety of different spaces. We have worked in bars and restaurants, multipurpose halls, meeting rooms and residential buildings – in fact, rooms of all types!  Our technical team is on hand to give advice on all of our high performance acoustic products.