Recording Studio

School Recording Studio

July 7, 2016

Schools today need a good deal more than a range of classrooms and the occasional laboratory. This was an issue which was very dear to the heart of Ormiston Chadwick Academy, a coeducational, academy-status school in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Being a school which prides itself on offering as great a variety of extra-curricular activities as possible, the addition of a new school recording studio was considered highly important, and one which would enhance the overall offerings of the academy considerably.

Ultimately, after several quotes from a wide range of companies were given, Floorscan was the company offered the contract, as their careful layout and ability to work with the school in order to complete this work was considered to be a better fit than other builders who applied. Obviously, this was a major job, and required a great deal of work and patience from both sides.

The new recording studio first had to be built. This was completed using a mixture of wood and metal for the ceilings and walls, in order to aid in the important retention of sound within the studio – the school being very keen on not disturbing neighbouring lessons wherever possible. Once this had been put in place, the walls were lined with Class A acoustic absorption stretch fabric, and the high performance acoustic doors were fitted. The important sound proofing done, Floorscan then turned their attention to the electrical and mechanical fittings, and finally laid a new carpet and brought in the necessary decorations.

Now, the students at Ormiston Chadwick Academy have the distinct advantage of being able to record any music they produce to a truly professional standard, and this means that they are well ahead of even other academy standard schools in the area. This offering must be of consideration to any parents who have even slightly musically inclined children who are about to start secondary school. The music studio installation will now be able to help budding young performance artists take their first steps into a career as rewarding as it is challenging.