Look and Feel example of how the Samsung Audio Studio will look

Samsung Audio Testing Suite

January 17, 2017

Earlier this year we were contacted by Samsung Electronics QA Lab based in Hampshire. With the success of its electronics business, Samsung has been recognised globally as an industry leader in technology and now ranks as a top 10 global brand. The QA Lab in Hampshire is used for quality assurance checks on all Samsung products distributed in Europe.

Why would Samsung need sound reduction?

The company were looking to redesign the sound bar testing / listening room and the TV testing room. The brief from the client was to have a space that was fit for purpose with good sound insulation from other rooms and offices within the building. The client also wanted adaptable acoustic absorption within the space so they could change the reverberation time if required. The space was to be predominantly used for testing but Samsung also wanted to be able to host listening and screening events for the media in the spaces.

Acoustic Design for audio testing suite

We put our in-house designer to work and she came up with the following fantastic designs. Floorscan provided a specification and quotation for supply and installation, including sound insulation to floors, walls, ceilings and doors, flexible acoustic absorption treatments, finishes and decoration and bespoke furniture to suit the requirements of the space.

A Soundbar is essentially a slim speaker system that can be mounted on the wall below your TV, although they can also be placed in front of your TV on the cabinet. Soundbars offer a simple, sleek way to improve your TV’s audio without all the fuss and wires of a surround sound system.

Our Design

Our design on how to soundproof an audio testing suite

This is the design that we came up with for Samsung for the TV and Soundbar storage area. (see below). It comprises of a stained grey oak frame featuring inset chrome detailing, two layers of 15mm plasterboard, acoustic stretched fabric and inset lighting. The TV and Soundbar would be set in flush again with grey stained oak along with a Soundbar storage below.

Stretched Fabric

Drumkit in newly built recording studio

Example of stretched fabric above. See more about this music studio

Floorscan have some very successful case studies that use stretched fabric. The image above is from a project we completed for a school in the North West. The fabric that were use is 100% recyclable, 100% PVC free, and Class A Fire Rated (highest resistance), and is a great alternative to other internal finishes for acoustic and decorative applications. Fitted to any wall or ceiling surfaces, even if uneven, it can be utilised for fabric wall panels, acoustic fabric panels and fabric ceiling panels.

The materials framework is made up of a set of engineered profiles or tracks, between which an interliner or acoustic absorber is provided. The fabric is then stretched taut into the interlocking jaws of these track, providing a smooth and immaculate finish.

Audio Suite Floor Plan

Audio suite layout for Samsung