Neighbour Noise in Flats: What To Do When People are the Problem

June 18, 2018

At Floorscan we work to find soundproofing solutions for a variety of different sectors. As well as building studios, self-contained soundproofed spaces for commercial and testing purposes, we never turn our back on the one place where noise pollution hits hardest: the home.

We were called out to a rented property where the tenants were struggling with the common effects from noise disturbance: sleeplessness, difficulty in relaxing and general drops in standard for wellbeing.

The noise was coming from a neighboring flat through the party wall and needed a fast, complete, and discreet solution. We arrived on-site to assess and, with a little innovation and integration, we arrived at the perfect solution.

The first thing that struck us was the need to cover all bases. Domestic noise comes from a variety of sources and there were three different parties to consider in this operation.

Firstly, the Landlord, who was looking for a cheap solution that would not be invasive to install, and not affect the dimensions of the room. Second and thirdly, the Tenant and the neighbours themselves. They were looking for a way to block noise from leaking into and out of their apartments, with immediate effect.

We have seen these issues and their effects many times before and we were excited to create a solution. So excited in fact, that we designed an original and bespoke system for them. This was based around a brand new product for us: The Tecsound 100 Acoustic-Membrane Barrier Mat. We had been trialling this at Floorscan HQ for some time. The increased thickness of the barrier strengthens insulation, but still offers the slim, discreet soundproofing this project required. In just five steps, we had a system in place to solve all their issues:



50mm Metal Track and Stud Frame, creating a 25mm gap

dB Slab 50mm (45kg/m3): a non-combustible mineral wool insulation, designed specifically for use in walls, cavity floors and ceilings.

12.5mm and 15mm (respectively) Acoustic Fermacell Plasterboards, a dense soundproof sheet material comprised of fibres from recycled paper and water.

Tecsound Sy 100 1.2m x 4.0m roll (4.8m2 per roll), a high performance acoustic membrane and barrier mat designed to add 10kg per m2 of mass to any floor, ceiling or wall. Self-Adhesive, and adaptable to uneven surfaces, it is also rot-proof and ageing resistant and insulates throughout the whole frequency range

Acoustic Sealant, Acoustic Tape, Joint Filler


  1. In front of the offending party wall, we set up metal track and studs from floor to ceiling, which set an air gap of 25mm for building on top.
  2. This gap was filled with dB Slab Insulation, and in front of this we erected our first layer of 12.5mm Acoustic Fermacell Plasterboard, affixed to the metal track.
  3. We attached the Tecsound Mat to the 12.5mm Fermacell board, and then went further – adding a 15mm layer of Fermacell Plasterboard on top.

  1. To finish off we sealed the perimeter with acoustic sealant, and taped and jointed the final board. The tape and jointing gives a smooth finish on the wall, so that means no wet trades (plasterers) were required on site.
  2. By the end of the day, the tenants were left with a fully functioning and discreet soundproof party wall, ready for decoration.

Floorscan, specialists in preventing domestic noise:

Noise pollution in the home can have devastating effects on daily life. Apart from the obvious issues of sleep deprivation, it can cause tinnitus, hypertension and cardiovascular issues – as well as affecting child development and disturbing household pets (which often creates more noise).

For any residential project, Floorscan works to provide all-encompassing, quick to install, one-time solution to noise problems. We assess, specify, supply and install, seeing you through from first contact and query, right through to completion. Find out more from Floorscan here.