Rare Dance Studio

Rare Dance Studio Acoustic Installation

March 6, 2016

Effective soundproofing is essential for many industries, none more so than the performing arts. To flourish, artists, dancers and musicians must be allowed to develop their work without unwanted sound pollution from neighbouring studios or rooms. Unwanted noise can be a serious distraction, significantly hindering the creative process in the long run. For individual artists, this can result in delays to projects and for schools this can affect the quality of the class experience, meaning unhappy students. This is a major problem as dissatisfied students can be detrimental to the reputation of an organisation, thereby impacting the business’ ability to make a profit. Similarly, performing arts studios may be required to soundproof their own spaces to protect neighbouring vicinities from the noise they produce.


Dance studio soundproofing is just one of the many ways that performing artists need to protect against unwanted noise. A leading arts organisation in Liverpool, Rare Dance Studio, recently contacted Floorscan to treat the noise breakout issues they were experiencing at their top-floor dance studio. Floorscan worked with the appointed architects for the project to design acoustic linings for all elements within the space to sound insulate and enclose the noise.

How to soundproof a dance studio

The main area that required treatment was the studio’s large pitched ceiling. Floorscan framed out the ceiling in timber to take the weight of the acoustic boards and to create a cavity for the acoustic insulation. The ceiling and walls were then lined with Ecoslab insulation, Maxi Resilient Bars and acoustic dBoard. The dance floor currently in place was considered to be sub-standard by the client, so a brand new high-performance acoustic dance floor was installed, complete with anti-vibration pads, Ecoslab insulation and four layers of varying acoustic boards.

To finish the refurbishment, an acoustic door and secondary glazing was fitted to the enclosure. The main contractors then completed the M&E, non-acoustic works and decoration. The end result was a stylish and bespoke soundproof solution that allows Rare to continue their work without fear of experiencing noise issues. The client was so happy with the result that she stated:

“Floorscan exceeded expectation and provided exceptional service… we can now operate in a carefree environment”.

In the broad spectrum of issues affecting the creative industries, soundproofing rehearsal spaces may not immediately spring to mind as a major problem that needs considering. However it is essential to create an optimum environment free from distractions to enable those working in the performing arts to hone their craft. A positive creative space to practice, train or perform is the very foundation of the performing arts.

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