The FS WL-3 is our shallow direct fix wall lining system using our dynamic Acousticboard 4 material. For an accurate quote, please use the project calculator on this page by adding your area length and width. Your square footage will be worked out and prices associated to the quote.

Acoustic Performance Data


No test data available to download. Please contact the Floorscan office for latest test data based on new projects around the United Kingdom.


  • Add mass across a multi layer Acousticboard 4 layers of material
  • Direct to wall acoustic sound insulation board
  • Space saving system
  • 4 layer high mass acoustic materials


You dont need to purchase the whole acoustic system, you can simply purchase the products included in this system below.

Acousticboard 4


This Gypsum wall-board has been designed for the reduction of sound transmission through joining walls. The Acousticboard 4 is a product ideally suited to properties susceptible to noise transference. This acoustic board has a unique 4 layer composite and can be applied as a direct fix when looking to achieve a high level of sound insulation through a diving wall.

SRS Acoustic Sealant


Acoustic Sealant is a specifically formulated, high density gap filling mastic that offers excellent sound stopping properties without losing elasticity. Acoustic Sealant is the preferred solution for filling gaps and spaces in separating floors, walls and ceilings and can be decorated after it has been smoothed and cured. Easy to use by professionals and for DIY soundproofing in the home.


  • Acousticboard 4 is an easy to install system
  • Apply direct to any level surface with 9 fixings per board
  • Leave a 5mm gap around the perimeter
  • Seal with acoustic sealant
  • Add a secondary layer of acoustic plasterboard for additional mass and to finish


The Floorscan handy product calculator and online specifier make it easy for you to understand what products work with what building. Allowing you to get a complete quote for your entire project, try it now.