Maxi 60 Ceiling: High performance acoustic and fire rated ceiling system designed to meet Part E of Building Regulations without the need for additional floor treatments.

Maxiboard is an extremely high performance and versatile acoustic building board. Maxiboard can be used as an alternative to plasterboard to dramatically increase the acoustic performance of both existing and newly constructed walls and ceilings.

The Maxi 60 ceiling system is ideal in situations where Building Regulations Part E compliance is required along with a 1 hour fire separation. Simply installed below the joists, the Maxi 60 ceiling system requires no additional floor treatment and, at only 60mm deep, minimises loss of room height.


  • Effective Solution meeting and exceeding part E Building Regulations
  • Improves impact and airborne sound insulation performance
  • Achieves 1hr fire rating
  • Takes screws and nails direct
  • Minimal thickness 60mm
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Suitable for refurb, conversion and new build projects performance
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial environments
  • Noisy neighbour solution



Impact Rating: 57 dB L nTw
Airborne Rating 48 dB D nTw +C tr
Thickness 17mm
Sheet Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.6m
Area: 0.72㎡

SRS Acoustic Sealant


Acoustic Sealant is a specifically formulated, high density gap filling mastic that offers excellent sound stopping properties without losing elasticity. Acoustic Sealant is the preferred solution for filling gaps and spaces in separating floors, walls and ceilings and can be decorated after it has been smoothed and cured. Easy to use by professionals and for DIY soundproofing in the home.

SRS Gripfix


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