School and Sports Hall Sound Absorption

Floorscan Acoustics will provide a solution to remove excess reverberation in a school classroom to BB93 (Acoustics in Schools) required levels. One of the main concerns of our Headteachers is to maintain the height and visual aspect of the classrooms. The challenges we have faced has been to provide a product which meets the headteachers requirements and also provides the relevant reverberation levels as required under the BB93 (Acoustics in Schools). Floorscan Acoustics will provide a suitable specification and following testing of an existing classroom a specification using Sonata absorption products will be used.

So what is classroom and sports hall reverberation? The source of background noise can come from numerous sources such as traffic on a nearby street, from the playground, the school hall, heaters or even classroom computers. Reverberation occurs when this sound constantly reflects off surfaces, such as classroom furniture. The reflected sound is trapped in the room and classroom acoustics are adversely affected.

Ideally, all school, nursery, college and university classrooms should have low reverberation and installing the right type of material can make a huge difference in achieving this.

At Floorscan Acoustics we can help remove excess reverberation from classrooms in schools, colleges or universities. We are a Cheshire based company who operate throughout the UK. A typical scenario for us was being tasked recently with removing excess reverberation from a number of school classrooms to bring them up to the statutory Acoustics in Schools levels, or BB93.

The headteacher at the school wanted the classroom acoustics improved while maintaining the height and visual aspect of the classrooms.

Working to a renovation programme designed by a surveyor, we carried out sound-testing of the classrooms and then used special absorption panels in white to achieve the desired results. The delighted headteacher praised the results we achieved: ‘Wonderful job, the sound clarity is brilliant and it looks good as well.’

At Floorscan Acoustics, we offer free on-site visits to schools, universities and colleges where we will carry out a sound-test to check for levels and offer a solution to classroom reverberation once and for all.

We have the expertise to make sure your project complies with current regulations and provides the perfect acoustic environment for all classroom situations.

At Floorscan, we can also help in the design of music, dance or drama studios and to reduce noise levels in large areas such as sports or assembly halls.

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